Smoke-free policy in effect

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UB’s smoke-free policy is in effect as of Aug. 1, with smoking prohibited in buildings and on the grounds—including green spaces—on the university’s three campuses.

Until Aug. 1, 2010, smoking will be permitted in areas of parking lots that are more than 100 feet from buildings. After that date, smoking will not be permitted anywhere on the campuses.

The one-year transition period will allow time for the UB community and visitors to adjust to the change. Appropriate signage will be installed across the campuses and receptacles for cigarette butts on and near buildings will be removed. The transition also will allow time for outreach to faculty, staff and students to make them aware of resources available to those who want to quit using tobacco.

UB has joined a growing list of U.S. colleges and universities—305 at last count—that have enacted 100-percent smoke-free policies. The new policy has the approval of the university administration and the UB Council.


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