Addressing student issues in the Heights

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This school year those looking for the stereotypical scenes of college students behaving badly might have to rent a copy of “Animal House.” That’s because UB’s Office of Off-Campus Student Services is helping to make Buffalo’s University Heights neighborhood a more serene and safer place to live.

Created about a year ago, the office already is having a big impact on the neighborhood. According to Dan Ryan, director of off-campus student services, before the office was created, the university responded to activities related to students living in University Heights in an ad-hoc fashion. Now, Ryan, along with full-time staff member Mary Clare Fahey and a graduate assistant, have created a coordinated approach to the issues that arise when students move off campus.

The office, located in 112 Allen Hall, South Campus, counsels students who are thinking of moving off campus and works closely with many of the University Heights neighborhood groups and businesses that interact with students. With a significant number of students living in the area, Ryan says most are a benefit to the neighborhood. “They provide a diversity and vibrancy, and shop in the local stores,” he says.

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