Improving Learning Spaces on Campus

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Students sitting on the floor with books splayed around them used to be a familiar sight in Knox Hall. In the building’s lobbies, they would carve out makeshift study spaces by simply gathering in groups and staking claim to a spot on the ground.

But improvements that took place this summer are helping to make those uncomfortable sessions a thing of the past. A series of renovations has transformed public spaces and classrooms in Knox and other facilities, outfitting them with new technology and making them more comfortable places to learn.

Workers installed computer stations and furniture in public spaces in Knox and the Natural Sciences Complex, both on the North Campus, and in Diefendorf Hall on the South Campus. In addition, 17 classrooms in six buildings were outfitted with projectors, document cameras and other state-of-the-art equipment. A new system allows Instructional Technology Support Services staff to monitor, from a central office, the status of devices in classrooms. The system provides information, for instance, on the remaining life of bulbs in projectors so staff can replace bulbs before they go out.

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