Fund supports faculty ‘internationalization’

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he Office of the Provost has established a new Faculty Internationalization Fund to encourage faculty members to become more “international” in their teaching, scholarship and service.

The fund, to be administered by the Office of the Vice Provost for International Education, will provide limited travel funding—up to $5,000 per grant—to support new faculty initiatives with UB’s existing institutional partners in other countries. The fund does not support international conference travel.

The funding can be used for a variety of activities, among them new faculty-led study abroad programs for UB students, new collaborative international research projects and the development of new courses or programs—or the enhancement of existing ones—that have substantial international content and perspectives.

The impetus for establishing the fund came from the final report of UB’s International Strategy Task Group, which called for “creating incentives and eliminating barriers” to encourage and facilitate faculty participation in UB’s numerous international partnerships. The task group, part of the UB 2020 planning process, specifically urged that travel grants and grants to internationalize curricula be awarded to faculty.

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