Five teams win IRDF funding

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Biomed research buildingThe latest projects to receive awards from the UB 2020 Interdisciplinary Research Development Fund seek to advance science and make practical improvements in fields ranging from business to medicine and engineering.

The money, distributed by the Office of the Vice President for Research through a competitive process, stimulates and supports research that could later win external awards, such as federal grants. To be eligible for funding, projects must include work by at least two faculty members in different disciplines, in sync with UB 2020’s emphasis on spurring collaborations between departments across the university.

The winning proposals, announced earlier this year, are:

• “Characterization of Vascular Flow”: Corresponding investigator Kenneth Hoffmann, Neurosurgery, with co-investigators Adnan Siddiqui, Neurosurgery; Vipin Chaudhary, Computer Science and Engineering; Jae-Hun Jung, Mathematics; E. Bruce Pitman, Mathematics; Matthew Jones, Center for Computational Research; and Thomas Furlani, Center for Computational Research. This project aims to speed up the calculation of blood-flow patterns in patients, in part by creating a database with information on blood-flow patterns in vessels with different geometries, narrowings, branching and aneurysms.

Read more here.


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