Producing practice-ready attorneys

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The UB Law School is reinventing the way it prepares students for practicing law. With its new Legal Skills Program that integrates innovative and practical legal skills immediately into the curriculum, graduates will be better equipped immediately after they graduate to file a brief, cross-examine a witness or make a special pleading.

As part of the new program, students are given a framework of courses and experiences that encompass critical skills for the professional field. Highlighted throughout the curriculum are legal research and writing, litigation and non-litigation skills, and professional development.

Charles Patrick Ewing, SUNY Distinguished Service Professor in the UB Law School, is overseeing the program as vice dean for legal skills.

Dean Makau Mutua says the Legal Skills Program is focusing on skills “critical to the education of a well-trained, analytically sound and thoughtful lawyer,” noting that Ewing is “widely respected by colleagues, peers around the country, judges and the bar. He will bring enormous talents to bear on the organizational and instructional excellence that we expect of the Legal Skills Program.”

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