Center for Disability Studies Names Inaugural Scholar

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The Center for Disability Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences, founded last April with the mission of encouraging the study, teaching and accurate representation of disability and of individuals with disabilities, is moving forward with the hiring of its inaugural visiting scholar.

Michael Rembis, a visiting scholar in the departments of History and American Studies at the University of Notre Dame, will be in residence at UB for the spring 2010 semester. A historian who specializes in the history of disability and the history of eugenics from 1859 to the present, Rembis describes his teaching and research interests as focusing on “the contested nature of socially constructed discourses of disablement and the material history of individuals perceived to be disabled.” He says his work “emphasizes and analyzes the intersections among gender, class, race, sexuality, citizenship and disability.”

While at UB, Rembis will teach a course in the history department on the history of eugenics from the mid-19th century to the present. Although the course focuses on the United States, he says there will be a strong comparative component, as well as a strong focus on the importance of changing notions of disability.

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