UB hosts conference on childhood in ancient cultures

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  It turns out that not much has changed since the days when children were to be seen but not heard.

    The Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology (IEMA) held its third Visiting Scholar Conference on one of the most needlessly neglected topics in the field: the role that children and childhood played in ancient cultures.

    The conference was called “Children as Archaeological Enigma: Are Children Visible or Invisible in the Archaeological Record?” and was held Saturday and Sunday in the Jacobs Executive Development Center on Delaware Avenue.

    Over 20 scholars from around the world participated in the conference, coming from London and Berlin as well as Harvard, Yale and Cornell. Peter Biehl, director of IEMA and professor of anthropology, was in attendance, presenting his work on anthropomorphic figurines from the Neolithic period. He discussed how children were represented during that period in Europe and the Middle East.

    Participants from UB included Stephen Dyson, professor of classics; Jack Meacham, professor of psychology; and Güner Coskunsu, the visiting scholar who organized the conference.

    Coskunsu earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Istanbul in Turkey before going to Harvard for her second master’s and doctorate degrees in anthropology.

Read more here.


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