Advances in field earn Smith Bozzi Prize

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It’s not your father’s philosophy any more.

The discipline that traditionally has focused on such fundamental matters as the meaning of life, reason, existence and values has moved in the past few decades toward more real-world applications, contributing to a better understanding and management of the wider world in such fields as social ontology, bioinformatics and intelligence analysis, among others.

To recognize those advances in the discipline, Maurizio Ferraris, a faculty member at the University of Turin and leader in the field of social ontology, established the Paola Bozzi Prize in Ontology to honor a scholar who has made such notable contributions to the field. The prize is named for Paola Bozzi, a leading Italian psychologist and ontologist, whose life work reflects this shift in the discipline.

The inaugural Paola Bozzi Prize was awarded this spring at a special ceremony at the University of Turin. The recipient: UB faculty member Barry Smith.

While Smith, SUNY Distinguished Professor and Julian Park Professor of Philosophy at UB, has made groundbreaking contributions in all important areas of ontology, he is perhaps best known for his pioneering work in biomedical ontology, which develops common frameworks for integrating data across biological and clinical disciplines.

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