UB Neurosurgeons First to Place Stent in Cranium of 14-Year-Old, Preventing Stroke

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BUFFALO, N.Y. — Neurosurgeons at the University at Buffalo successfully implanted a stent in an artery inside the skull of a 14-year-old boy to prevent a stroke, a procedure thought to be the first conducted in an adolescent.

The boy was home within one day and remained well at his nine-month evaluation.

A full description of the surgery, which took place in September 2009, appears in the August issue of the Journal of Neurosurgery available at http://thejns.org/toc/ped/current.

Elad Levy, MD, UB associate professor of neurosurgery and senior author on the paper, says that the boy’s injury, an “intracranial arterial dissection” in medical terms, is an important cause of stroke in young patients.

An arterial dissection is a tear along the inside wall of an artery. As the tear becomes larger, it forms a small pouch. As the blood accumulates in the pouch and blocks the artery, it can result in a stroke.

Read more here.


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