National Award Lets More UB Students Engage with Buffalo Community

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BUFFALO, N.Y. — Forget town versus gown: students at the University at Buffalo are not only interested in the community outside of UB, but through the university’s innovative living/learning program called the Undergraduate Academies, more of them are now connecting with it.

Thanks to a new grant, “Bringing Theory to Practice,” from the Association of American Colleges and Universities, UB’s Undergraduate Academies will be offering sophomores, in addition to freshmen, the chance to participate in civic engagement projects in the Buffalo Public Schools.

Starting next fall, interested sophomores moving into William R. Greiner Hall, the new residence hall on UB’s North Campus, will have the opportunity to work with students at Buffalo’s Native American Magnet School 19 and the Seneca Math Science and Technology Preparatory School (Seneca MST), helping students in fifth through 12th grades do more science and become more interested in it.

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