Architects exhibit in Barcelona

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Published: July 14, 2011

Two UB architects presented a unique solution to the uncomfortably chilly temperatures of an old stone building in England as part of the sixth annual International Architecture Festival eme3_2011, held July 1-3 in Barcelona.

Georg Rafailidis, assistant professor, and Stephanie Davidson, clinical assistant professor, both in the School of Architecture and Planning, were among a select group of professionals invited to participate in the festival, presenting “Selective Insulation,” a project in which they culled intimate and comfortable microclimates from the vast, cold rooms of a 162-year-old building in Hexham, England.

The Hexham building is a masonry structure that now serves as an artists’ facility. It is not insulated, and ordinarily would require intensive heating much of the year to maintain temperatures warm enough for its occupants.

A conventional approach to improving its thermal efficiency would have been to line the inside of the stone walls with a new layer of insulation, a measure that would result in a loss of all thermal mass in the stone but would create an equally distributed warm zone inside the building.

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