Partnering to develop ‘smart’ shades

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These prototype, high-tech sunglasses combine sensors and miniaturized electronics to block bright glare.

Published: July 14, 2011

The days of being blinded by glare from the sun, despite the $300 sunglasses straddling your face, may soon be over.

Chris Mullin, formerly a local inventor and entrepreneur, has teamed up with UB to develop sunglasses that detect bright spots of light and darken specific parts of the lens to protect sunglasses wearers from blinding glare.

Although the sunglasses are not yet ready for the consumer market, they are garnering significant attention: These “smart” shades have been named one of Popular Science’s top 10 inventions  of 2011.

And the U.S. Air Force is funding new research focused on creating eyewear for fighter pilots and soldiers. The technology also may have potential applications in the automotive, recreational and health care sectors.

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