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As a UB doctoral student, Gabriela Popescu, left, published research in top academic journals. Now, as a UB faculty member, she is giving back by mentoring a new generation of scientists, including biochemistry student Will Borschel, right.

Gabriela Popescu

From Student to Mentor

Cultivating Young Researchers

Watch a video of Dr. Popescu in her lab.

“My lab has been so successful, and I attribute this to the support I had at every step.”
Gabriela Popescu, PhD ’99, Associate Professor of Biochemistry

With a team of students and technicians in the South Campus Biomedical Research Building, Gabriela Popescu is investigating the mysteries of memory formation.

Her sixth-floor lab is an exciting place to be.

Projects under way could have implications for the treatment of neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s.

The department, biochemistry, is tight-knit.

Students and teachers share the work—and the credit.

Popescu, an associate professor, has benefited from the culture of collaboration as both a mentor and a mentee.

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